About Us
ATM Atlanta is an ATM company that provides full-service ATM programs,
including hardware, software, transaction processing, maintenance, reporting, marketing,
training and on-going customer service.

We are a Master ATM Distributor, which means that we are able to offer the most
competitive pricing on all of the most popular ATMs in the industry.

Our history
ATM Atlanta was founded in Atlanta, GA in 2002, and quickly became known as one of the
most innovative companies in the business. Our management team has deep experience in
the independent ATM industry and we have partnered with hundreds of merchants who
have profited greatly from the ATM Atlanta Program.

We know how the industry works, and are committed to developing ATM programs that
provide the greatest benefit to our merchant partners.

Why choose ATM Atlanta?
Whether you’re looking to buy, lease or simply rent out space to an ATM, we have the best
overall programs for price, profitability, service and reliability.
ATM Atlanta