Affiliate Benefits

  •    ATMs           - are available to the affiliate both new and reconditioned
  •    Delivery       - delivered to you or your customer site
  •    Installation   - We can provide installation at your customer site.
  •    Training       - We will provide training to you about your atm.
  •    Webportal    - we provide you with your own password protected webportal to view your atms
  •    Website        - we will also host a website for you with your contact information.
  •    Email            - we provide you with your own email designed as        
  •    Paperwork    - we provide you with all the necessary contract forms for your customers.
  •    Parts            - parts for maintenance are available for you at our discounted costs
  •    Surcharge and Vault cash         - is transferred to you within 24 banking hours.
  •    ATM Help Line - 24/7  we offer a 24/7 tech service phone line so we can take the
                               call while you work or are at home asleep.
ATM Atlanta is proud to announce our new Affiliate Program.  
We have designed this as a turn-key business opportunity for anyone interested
in getting into the ATM business but has no idea how to start or where to go.

We help you all the way through from your first ATM to your 50th and we provide
as much or as little assistance as you require.
ATM Atlanta
Affiliate Program
Please contact us for more information at
404-933-6749 or email -
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Shopping Malls
ATM Affiliate List

Dallas-Ft Worth, TX      -
Nashville, TN                 -
Asheville, NC                 -
Savannah, GA               -
Miami, FL                       -
Chicago, IL                    -
Buckhead, GA               -  - Early 2013  

Savannah, GA - was just opened and we look forward to seeing
our new affiliates grow with us.

This area was developed with existing atm locations and we
now need to have someone assume ownership of this area.

If you are interested please contact us at:

Available Affiliate Locations - we have other affiliate locations
available and we will list them soon.

All our affiliate territories are developed with existing atm placements.

If you are interested please contact us at: