ATM Machines, Quality-Built for Your Special Event

ATM Atlanta’s Special Events Program offers the following features::
•        ADA and Triple DES compliant ATM machines
•        One or multiple ATM machine placements
•        On-site tech support
•        Service and cash replenishment
•        Prepaid wireless, phone and gift card sale options
•        Eye-catching signage
•        Coupon and video advertising opportunities
ATM Atlanta is one of the few ATM machine
distributors who offer temporary placement services
for special events and other short-term needs. We
have experience serving a variety of events and
venues from NASCAR races and college football
games to air shows, concerts, and local festivals
and fairs.
ATM Service and Supplies on Location, Hassle-Free

ATM Atlanta only supplies the most advanced ATM machines that are guaranteed to
enhance any event and provide a much needed convenience for your consumers. All of
our ATM machines are ADA and Triple DES compliant for the safety of your customers.
Rest assured that ATM security is always taken into consideration - we offer electronic
lock systems and special floor mounting precautions especially for temporary ATM

When you have a special event that entertains such a high volume of traffic in such a
short period of time, shouldn’t your profits benefit? Don’t miss an opportunity to serve
event-goers and boost your bottom line. ATM Atlanta makes ATM leasing, rental and full-
service placement easy, worry-free and profitable for you.

For more information regarding ATM Atlanta’s Special Events Program, please contact
us at 404-933-6749 (Atlanta Metro), or e-mail
ATM Atlanta
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