Movie Props
ATM Movie Prop - Delivery and Setup
We offer atms for movies and as props for plays and theater

We have provided ATMs on a tempory basis for several movies, commercials and
theater productions.

We can setup an ATM as a nonfunctional backdrop item or as a working ATM and
we will provide delivery, all the setup, and pickup of the atm when and where you
need it.

Additionally we can provide a technician on site to assist with any functionality
requerts you may have.

Please call us and let us help you out!
Our ATM leasing and rental options will provide you with an ATM when and where
you need it.  We will deliver, setup and provide on-site assistance if necessary.

We will also provide a functioning ATM with cash if requested.

For more information regarding ATM Atlanta’s Full Service Program, please contact
us at 1-404-933-6749 (Eastern U.S.), or e-mail
ATM Atlanta